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Q: How do I sync 24GO® to my Apple Watch?




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    Since the touch pads are getting taken away, Is there anyway for the touch-free check-in to work via an Apple Watch instead of the phone for those that don’t bring their phones with them?

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    Steve Cho

    What Katerina said! Please make it so we can check in with our apple watches!

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    Juan Pablo Heins

    My watch is synced with the app but it won’t give me the option to check in. I can only do workouts. How do I fix this?

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    Alex Harris

    I am unable to complete this!

    1. Ensure Apple Health permissions have been enabled in 24GO®.
      * Open 24GO®.
      * Tap on the Dashboard icon (figure inside circle - top right of screen).
      * Tap on the blue gear icon (next to your picture or the larger figure inside circle - top right of screen).
      * Scroll down and tap on App Preferences.
      * Tap on Apple Health.
      * A permissions message will pop up, tap on Sync My Workouts.  (Note: If a permissions message doesn't pop up and 24GO® opens up Apple Health instead, then you're set to go.  24GO® is synced to your Apple Watch.) 
      * Tap on Turn All Categories On.
      * Tap on Allow (top right of screen).
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