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Can I bring friends or guests to my class with me? Or a buddy if I have a Buddy Pass?




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    I brought a friend yesterday to check out the ZUmba class she is thinking on joining in just to take the classes. So I invited her and brought her as a guest. The young new guy that was working there said I couldn’t bring my friend as a guest. They were not giving guest passes anymore. That she had to pay $25 to get in for 1 day. I told him I hv bn a member for a long time and was not informed of this. When this changed? As a member I hv not bn notified of this. I asked him for the Manager and he said he was not there. I asked him to call him. He refused. I asked him to call corporate he refused. Then he said it was a liability issue. I told him my friend was willing to sing a waiver. He said he didn’t hv a form. He went on saying that was a very exclusive gym and he couldn’t tell if I hv access to the super sports. I told him that my membership covers all the super sports. Then I saw a paper on the counter about the buddy system. I asked him well what about this. She is limy workout body today. He said u don’t have rights to that. I told him that he was denying me my membership rights. I told him please call the manager to clarify this. I will just show my friend the class while u call the manager. The class was already full so we knew we couldn’t participate we lost time talking to the front desk. So I showed her the instructor is good. For her to see and to join. Then we went back to the front desk to see if he had call the manager. My friends that go to the class saw me I just stood there for 3 minutes showing my guest how fun it gets. When we went back to the front desk and asked the guy if he called. He said he couldn’t bother him with this. And he was going to call the police on me for trespassing. He told me he was going to cancel my membership and to put on my account that I disobeyed him and trans passed to the class with my friend. I told him hey I hv witnesses that was not the case. He said it was my word against him. And that yesterday was my last day to set foot there. So I left embarrassed with my friend. I apologized to her. She is willing to write her statement of how things really happened like the way I am informing you. Then my friend Huey called as soon as ZUmba class was done and asked why I left. That he saw me jus standing there for few minutes and then I disappeared. I told him what happened and that the front desk told me and my friend to leave bc he was gonna call the police. He said oh my God. But we can bring guest. I told is what I thought . So he asked one of them and told him what happened to me. The guy was pretending he didn’t know. He even spoke w me on the phone and after me explotó him what happened as a complain. I asked his name he refused to give me his name. I told him u sounded like the same guy who said was going to call the police on me. Is that u? He finally admitted is was the same person. I asked him why are u pretending u r someone else. We just wasted time and my friend Huey time. I told him to please pass the phone back to my friend. I told him that was the same guy that gave me a hard time. He said it sounds like discrimination against you and your girlfriend. I told him that is exactly how I felt. So my questions are: 1) Am I allow to continue to go to 24 hrs or is my membership suspended like he said he was going to do that? And can I bring a guest to the club? I am confused. I am thinking if I need to take this to the court. He denied me my membership rights. He lied to me. He threatened me by saying he was calling the police. He humiliated me in front of my guest. And he discriminated me and guest . Please I need clarification on this where I stand. I want to work out today but I don’t want to be humiliated again by the front desk denying me my membership rights on going in to work out. Can someone explain to me what is going on. My membership is deducted automatically from my bank. Please someone call me today 408-320-3120 Teresa Avila San Jose, CA

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    Call corporate. Best answer I have. This dude was foul.

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